Advise on which photo gear to bring to the workshop

Although we love our gear, we also believe that it is better to obsessed with the subjects and the story you would like to document rather than your gear.

In General, there are no bad camera's anymore. You need to find the one which suits your needs. 

Feeling comfortable with a camera is much more important than the technical specifications. You will need to handle it effortless in any situation, rather than get lost in complicated menus.

Keep it simple, keep it light.

Adventure Travel Photo Workshops

During our daily photo walks we travel basic and light, since we believe that this helps us to connecting to the people we meet and their lives will therefore present us with more visually interesting moments. 

Participants shall to bring a dSLR or mirrorless camera, small and light is preferred over large and heavy cameras. 

We recommend a prime lens in the range between 28mm, 35mm and 50mm (full frame equivalent) 

A laptop computer with photo editing software (I recommend Adobe Light Room) and an external hard drive for additional backups. 

It is recommended that participants bring extra memory cards, extra camera batteries and all necessary battery chargers to for their equipment and a conversion plug to suit the sockets of the country we travel to. Memory cards have fallen in price over the years and I recommend that you take enough capacity so that you do not need to delete your cards during the travel. 

For any questions regarding your specific gear, please contact me.


Portrait Photo Workshops

During portrait shoots, we have plenty of time to measure the correct exposure. We can therefore shoot digital as well as analogue film cameras. 

During portrait shoot workshops, we will mostly stay at one location, weight is less of a consideration as opposed to our Adventure Travel Photo workshops.

For analogue cameras all formats will be suitable, from 35mm to Medium format and Large format. 

For any questions regarding the suitability of your gear, please contact me.