Harald Claessen

Harald Claessen is the founder of Creative Adventure Photography Limited.

"I left the Netherlands, in my late twenties. Since then I have lived and worked in 9 countries and travelled almost to 40 before moving with my family in Limassol, Cyprus.

The variety and peculiarities of cultures, backgrounds, environments and the similarity of human emotions in all of those countries is what I share through my images. My experiences living and working together with a large variety of people over the years combined with my passion for visual storytelling has lent me a different perspective and sensitivity. I photograph life not only as I see it but more as I feel it."

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I'm passionate about mentoring and teaching photography and have written the Ebook "For the right reasons - A relaxed approach to photographing strangers" - available to workshop participants.


He worked as photojournalist for the DPA (German Press Agency) and his story on Coney Island  "Connect to Re-connect" has been published by Burn Magazine. 


Email: mail@haraldclaessen.com       Tel: +357 95 563450

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 Featured photographer Harald Claessen, 2016

Featured photographer Harald Claessen, 2016