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21 Days - Trans Siberian Railway villages - Adventure Photo Workshop

  • Vladivostok Russia (map)

Trans Siberian Railway | Russia

Adventure travel photo workshop | Photo Adventure Vacations

Russia, Trans Siberian Railway |  Russian Towns & Villages, Lake Baikal

21 days | May 06 - 26, 2019

Small group

The 2019 Trans Siberian journey is now open for booking. Limited places available.

Trans Siberian Railway, Russia | Adventure travel Photo workshop

2019 will be the third year in which we will explore life along the Trans Siberian Railway line from Vladivostok to Moscow. A truly unique adventure travel photo workshop passing through Siberian settlements, villages, towns as well as Lake Baikal during a 21 day photo workshop on the Trans Siberian Railway line from May 6-26, 2019.

The starting place of this photo adventure workshop is the far eastern town of Vladivostok. From here, we will take the Trans Siberian Railway to Moscow, which will bring us on a journey of a lifetime. Passing through Siberian towns, villages and settlements, we will make numerous multi-day stops that will give us the possibility to see and capture a magnificent part of Russia while engaging with the friendly Siberian population. A route, which is seldom traveled by foreigners - a magical journey through places with many distinct cultures that have not be unduly compromised by globalisation.

This round trip is an opportunity to immerse yourself in documenting the natural beauty and social fabric found along this timeless and less travelled path. Our adventure travel photo workshops are designed for those photographers, from every level, who with an independent and inquisitive mind, are seeking a more immersive learning experience while enjoying exploring what’s hidden around the next corner. Non-photographers are also welcome. While this travel is not physically demanding, the participants should be in good health and ready to walk and explore.

You will further your photographic skills and expression, while at the same time making a once in a lifetime journey and engaging with, through photography, the daily lives of the welcoming people in villages and towns of Southern Siberia.

You will become knowledgeable in photographing with natural light, low light situations, in environmental portrait photography and you will become comfortable photographing strangers no matter where you will go.

We will have individual and group discussions and we will select images which you will be proud off, your own photographic essay in your own unique visual voice, while you will improve your photographic skills in general.

While we will travel as a group, you will be encouraged to “follow your instincts” and explore aspects of each village and town that interests you independently so that each participant has their own unique experiences to share. We will sometimes walk around as a group, but then other times we may separate from each other while getting caught up in something that personally resonates with our inner self. It’s OK to loose time while photographing. 

Group Size

8-12 Guests / Participants


Experience | Difficulty

Beginner, amateur, enthusiast and pro-photographers

DSLR, mirrorless, compact or iPhone cameras. Visit the What Gear to bring page.

Moderate schedule

Travel by train, car or minibus

Moderate elevation changes and lots of walking

(non-photographers also welcome)


Photographer | Host

Harald Claessen  | May 6 - 26, 2019

Born in the Netherlands, Harald is a Social Documentary and Portrait Photographer who explores Russia since 2004. He previously lived and worked in Russia for four years and although he is now based in Cyprus, he still maintains a residence in Russia to search for visually interesting moments.


Weather | Sun

May - Temps Min. 5.5C/42F, Max. 17.1C/63F, Average 11.3C/52.3F | Sunrise 04:40 | Sunset 21:08 | Daylight 16:28 (Data for Yekatarinburg)



  • Social Documentary, Travel Photography, Street Photography, Landscape Photography, Portraits
  • Professional photographer | host
  • Photo walks & discussions
  • Small group size
  • Hotels / Accommodations
  • Breakfasts
  • Local transportation, Train, Car, Minibus
  • Advice on visa arrangements for Russia
  • Ebook "For the Right Reasons"  - Becoming comfortable photographing strangers



Hotels, Guesthouses, Overnight trains


Travel Information 

Arrival Airport: Vladivostok (VKO) - Transfer time to hotel 45min

Departure Airport: Moscow (MOS) - Moscow has 3 airports.

Our adventure begins at 10 AM on Monday, the first day, and ends in the evening of the last Saturday day. The last Sunday 26 May is departure day.

Travel Visa: A visa may be required depending on your nationality. Contact your local Russian Consulate to find out.




21-day | Photo Travel Adventure | May 6-26, 2019:  

To book your space, please send us an e-mail to join HERE to receive registration details.


Advise on which photo gear to bring

Please visit our page Gear Advise This page will be regularly updated.

The way we travel is basic and light, since we believe that this helps us connecting to the people we meet and their lives will present us with more visually interesting moments. 



Extend your travel to to stay longer in Moscow or visit Saint Petersburg.


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Photo: Harald Claessen
Trans Siberian Photo Workshop Yerofey Pavlovich
Photo: Harald Claessen, 2017 Siberia