For those who love Adventure Travel Photography.

Photo Adventure Workshops

Our mission is to create small group creative photo adventure workshop vacations providing a rewarding learning experience. Our workshops offer you an opportunity to combine a unique vacation, or just a few days off, with a wonderful creative learning experience, a unique blend of hands-on and short casual lectures on a variety of topics, taking home some amazing images.

  • Teaching Photography: We are passionate about mentoring and teaching different aspects of photography. We will spend a good amount of time looking at your images and giving you constructive feedback and assist you in selecting your best images. You will become knowledgeable recognising good quality natural light, and how to adjust to low light situations. You will become comfortable photographing strangers no matter where you will go and how to make beautiful environmental Portrait images. You will also receive our Ebook about How to photograph strangers and a list of great photographers to study their work (completely optional). Our final aim is to assist you with making a photographic essay of your journey during the workshop to take back home.

  • Enjoying your holiday: Enjoying our time together in a small group, facilitating cultural interaction with the people we meet. You are after all on holiday. We will select - wherever possible - great places to eat and explore the local foods.

  • Exploring the roads less travelled: We will aim to avoid places which are too often frequented by large tour groups and instead search and visit hidden gems on the roads less travelled. We visit places that provide truly amazing photographic opportunities in a once in a lifetime journey experience. While we will travel as a group, you will be encouraged to “follow your instincts” independently and explore aspects of each village and town that interests you so that each participant has their own unique experiences to share. We will sometimes walk around as a group, but then other times we may separate from each other while getting caught up in something that personally resonates with our inner self. It’s OK to loose time while photographing.

  • Our adventure travel photo workshops are meant for those photographers, of any level, who with an independent and inquisitive mind, are seeking a more immersive learning experience while enjoying exploring what’s hidden around the next corner and documenting the natural beauty and social fabric found along timeless and less travelled paths . Non-photographers are also welcome.

  • While none of our travels are physically demanding, the participants should be in good health and ready to walk and explore.



"I have participated in many photo workshops over the past 20 years, but this one, is the best one ever" 

"On this workshop I have actually learnt something. My photographs have improved a lot, and I know now, what I need to work on"