Santiago de Cuba, Pentax 67 + Cinestill 800T

Santiago de Cuba, Pentax 67 + Cinestill 800T

Our Journey

Our 14-day Cuba Road Trip is the result of exploring all corners of this magical island, each with its own unique charm, since 2007.

Having our own car, this will be a journey on the road less travelled, which gives us plenty of unique and genuine photo opportunities. Once we travel further east from Trinidad, you will visit a Cuba few other photographers have seen.

The itinerary will start in the bustling capital Havana, from here we have a short visit to the perfectly preserved Spanish settlement of Trinidad. Trinidad is a town in central Cuba, known for its colonial old town and cobblestone streets. Its neo-baroque main square, Plaza Mayor, is surrounded by grand colonial buildings.

From Trinidad we will travel to Camaguey, the third largest city in Cuba, know for its labyrinths-style street layout. Here we can photograph the rehearsals for their famous Ballet.

Onwards through historical and charming Bayamo, we will reach Santiago the Cuba, the cultural capital of Cuba which has a huge significance with its Afro-Cuban origins and its history as the cradle of Cuba’s numerous revolutionary movements. Santiago is a place filled with unexplored photo opportunities. We will stay several days in Santiago, a place to re-energise and also to use as a base for day trips to the surrounding areas.

On our way back to Havana, we will stay overnight in Santa Clara, Cuba's 5th largest city which is located in the most central region of the country.  The next morning we will visit the Che Guevara Mausoleum before heading to Playa del Este, the beach of Havana.

After a night rest in Havana, we will continue our travel to Vale de Vinales, home of the best tobacco plantations in the world, known for its famous cigars, honey and coffee. Here we will stay several days to walk the tobacco plantations and to visit our welcoming farmer friend and his family, before returning back to Havana.

Dates 2019

14 days - NOV 24 (Sun), DEC 07 (Sat), 2019 - $3450,-

Dates 2020

14 days - MAR 22 (Sun), APR 04 (Sat), 2020

14 days - NOV 22 (Sun), DEC 05 (Sat), 2020

Group Size

Small group size, 4 persons (inclusive of driver) per car. Maximum 6-7 participants.

Experience | Difficulty

Open to all levels

Non-photographers and adventure seekers are welcome

Moderate schedule

Moderate elevation changes and lots of walking, bring comfortable shoes.

Mamiya RZ67, Kodak Portra 800

Mamiya RZ67, Kodak Portra 800

Vale de Vinales, Mamiya RZ + Kodak Portra 160

Vale de Vinales, Mamiya RZ + Kodak Portra 160

The workshop

We’re passionate about teaching the different aspects of photography. A good amount of time will be spend on:

  • Giving you detailed feedback and assistance/suggestions from our side

  • Help you to become comfortable photographing strangers in unfamiliar environment with Respect and Dignity towards your subjects. Even if you don't speak the language, Empathy has no language. In return this will make you feel relaxed and confident, which is important for making environmental portraits or street photography.

  • Recognise favourable photography situations. Not everything is interesting to photograph. We will make your internal sirens go off meaning "We've got a situation!" when photographical interesting elements which are resonating with you are aligning. Find 2-3 a day and you had an amazing day. We speak about what such "situations" are and what to do when you find them.

  • Judge the quality of natural light and find the good light at any time of the day. Not only in the early morning or afternoon/evening.

  • How to adjust correctly to low light situations.

    We want you to return home with a personally meaningful photo essay.

Baracoa, Mamiya RZ67 + Kodak Portra 160

Baracoa, Mamiya RZ67 + Kodak Portra 160

Vale de Vinales, Leica MP, Kodak Portra 800

Vale de Vinales, Leica MP, Kodak Portra 800

Lecturer | Host

Harald Claessen  

Born in the Netherlands - Flying Dutchman (a legendary ghost ship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever). Harald is a Social Documentary and Portrait Photographer who has been exploring all corners of Cuba for the since 2007.

Harald’s Instagram

What is Included?

  • All Accommodations

  • All Breakfasts

  • All Transport

  • Professional Photographer | Host | Tuition

  • Small Group Size

  • Portrait Photography, Social Documentary 

What is Not Included?

  • All Flights

  • All Visa Fees

  • Affordable Lunches and Dinners

Vale de Vinales, Leica MP, Kodak Portra 800

Vale de Vinales, Leica MP, Kodak Portra 800

Travel Information

Arrival & Departure Airport: Havana (HAV). Our adventure begins in the afternoon on the first day and ends at Noon on the last day (Departure day). International travellers who require a Cuban visa can get their visa through the Cuban Embassy or Consulate in their respective countries.

US travellers

Our Photo workshop itinerary is continuously updated to reflect any changes and will remain in full compliance with the regulations of the US DEPARTMENT OF STATE. Our travel falls into one of 12 categories of authorised travel. Our category is: (8) Support for the Cuban people (see §515.574). e-CFR data is current as of June 21, 2019.

To register, send an email to mentioning which workshop you would like to join.

Vale de Vinales, Pentax 67II, Kodak Portra 160

Vale de Vinales, Pentax 67II, Kodak Portra 160

Vale de Vinales, Mamiya RZ + Kodak Portra 160

Vale de Vinales, Mamiya RZ + Kodak Portra 160

What to expect?

Some images from our previous Cuba Creative Adventure Photo Workshops.